Our Data to support your Decisions.

Here is how we deliver it to you.

Knowledge is power

Modern retailers can't rely solely on intuition anymore. Brands need a tool capable of delivering strategic insights on competitors on a large scale to gain a competitive edge. Retviews turns fashion into a successful mix of art and science.


The key factor for data accuracy is to recognize the right product such as differentiating a jeans from a dress. We trained Retviews to understand product classifications until it’s perfect.


Fashion is faster than ever. Shorten fashion cycles and ever-changing trends require to have access to real-time data. This is why our data is updated on a daily basis.

We master data so you can excel at retailing

Retviews collects the tremendous amount of data available on online stores to deliver strategic insights on your competitor’s products and prices. It will allow you to focus on being the best at what you do : offer the best clothing line for your customers. Take better and faster decisions, now.

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