Retviews is the tool reinventing the way fashion retailers analyze the market. Get strategic insights of fashion brands and detect opportunities faster.


Set the perfect price. Increase margins.

See the price architecture of any product or product category from the brands that matter to you. Benchmark your international positioning with local competitors. Keep track of daily market’s movements and react faster.

  • Price Positioning by country
  • Full price or Current price
  • Entry, Average and Exit price
  • Price history


Decode assortments mix. Sell the right products.

Fashion trends change quickly, stay ahead of the market. Go deeply into other brands assortment mix and detect missing products in your collection. Discover bestsellers of your competitors. Monitor new products arriving on the market.

  • Detailed Assortment Weighting
  • Bestsellers
  • New-Ins
  • Stock evolution


Identify color panels. Stay on top of your game.

Do not miss the season’s trendy colors. Compare color panels offered by the competition, see it by product category. Sort new arrivals by color and spot trends faster. Identify patterns across any brand’s collection.

  • Colors by product category
  • Country’s color preferences
  • New-ins by color
  • Patterns analysis


Discount less, and at the right time

Discounts are not always advertised as such, reveal hidden product’s price declines. Reveal competitors discounting periods. Increase revenues by executing a smarter markdown approach.

  • Discount rates
  • Discount periods

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