Take advantage of your competitors data

  Detect opportunities faster to create bestselling assortments


Set the perfect price. Increase margins.

See the price architecture of any product or product category from the brands that matter to you. Benchmark your international positioning with local competitors. Keep track of daily pricing movements and react faster.

  • Price positioning by country
  • Price evolution
  • Entry, Average and Exit price


Decode assortment mix. Sell the right products.

Fashion trends change quickly, stay ahead of the market. Go deeply into other brands assortment mix and detect missing products in your collection. Discover bestsellers of your competitors. Monitor new products arriving on the market.

  • Detailed assortment weighting
  • Colors and Materials
  • New arrivals

Look A Like

Select a picture. Find similar products.

There are millions of products on the market. Use a product picture to look for similar items across the market. You are now able to have an overview of similar products and analyze related data.

  • Drag and drop a picture
  • Find similar products
  • Analyze prices, discounts, materials and more.


Discount less, and at the right time

Discounts are not always advertised as such, reveal hidden product’s price declines. Reveal competitors discounting periods. Increase revenues by executing a smarter markdown approach.

  • Discount rates
  • See hidden discounts
  • Marketing promotions
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Stop wasting time on comp' shopping, access competitors data right away.


Worldwide fashion data in one place, right from your desktop.


Work with the latest data available.

We master data so you can excel at retailing

Retviews collects the tremendous amount of data available on online stores to deliver strategic insights on your competitor’s products and prices. It will allow you to focus on being the best at what you do : offer the best clothing line for your customers. Take better and faster decisions, now.

High accuracy

You need the highest data accuracy in order to make your decisions. This is why we trained Retviews to classify products with a greater accuracy than manual reporting.

Any fashion brand. Anywhere

Retviews gives you the opportunity to analyze more brands, more products and more markets than traditional comp’ shopping techniques.


Fashion is faster than ever. Shorten fashion cycles and ever-changing trends require to have access to the latest information. This is why our data is updated on a daily basis and available anytime you need.

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