5 Trends Of Swimwear In 2019

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  • 6 juin 2019
5 Trends Of Swimwear In 2019

Temperatures are rising and swimwear has been in stores for a few months already. What are the key fashion trends this year? Here is a practical guide on swimwear offering for 2019 summer.

Rising tourism and growing popularity of the seasonality of swim are likely to drive the swimwear market growth across the globe. According to data from Allied Market Research, in 2017, the global swimwear market was valued at $18.4 billion and is being projected to reach $24.3 billion by 2024.



We have taken a closer look at the timing of new entries for swimwear products on the market.


In the last couple of years, we have witnessed how the demand for off-seasonal vacations by the sea increased, and so the demand for swimwear shifted. Due to this change in habits, brands put swimwear products earlier than before and are able to enjoy their share on the market during more extended period of the year. Looking at this year swimwear market, it started dropping new products in mid-January.



After its comeback in 2018, the one-piece swimsuit confirms its position as the trendy product for summer.


Fitting every shape, size and style, it’s no wonder why this piece of swimwear became so popular, being a great fit for many women. We spotted an 11% increase in the one-piece swimsuit compared to spring 2018.




Using RETVIEWS, we have been able to track the evolution of swimwear color trends for the past year. Compared to 2018, the share of yellow among swimwear items has almost doubled in 2019.


We also notice an important change for red swimwear as it increased by 44% as compared to last year. Colors which experienced a significant decrease from these evolutions are pink and khaki.




While the majority of the swimwear market consists of mass-market brands, the luxury industry is taking a significant slice. For instance, the e-tailer Mr Porter, with buying director Fiona Firth is adding swimwear to their collections as a key driver of their expansion, presenting both the emergence of new specialist brands and established fashion houses.



But what is driving this interest? Mostly the upswing in the global leisure travel, especially in the Asia-Pacific which accounted for 20% of global sales in 2018. We are now seeing a surge of new brands entering the market, as well as established brands adding swimwear as a category to their product offering.
In line with this season trend, the Luxury Swimwear is mostly focused on one-piece swimming suits with stripes, cut-outs, metallic designs and belted accessories. 



With size inclusivity being a hot topic in the fashion industry, more and more retailers are working on expanding their size offerings (see The Real Data On Size Inclusivity ). 
But what about the swimwear market? Well, it is experiencing the same trend.


An increase in the average size for women’s swimwear compared to 2018 has been noted on RETVIEWS. It is the Plus Size category that has captured most of the increase in sizes offering.




Interested in seeing more data about sizes in fashion retailer’s offerings? Contact us for more info.



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