Denim Market Analysis – The Best Jeans Fit for 2021

Since its invention in the 19th century by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, a good pair of jeans is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. In this era of streetwear, what type of fit should retailers focus their investments in to win the global denim market?   Skinny – the most represented fit on the jeans market […]

Summer Sales Strategies 2020: the Aftermath

Key takeaways • Sales promotion strategies were visibly different between mass-market and premium. Retviews observed a drop compared to 2019 in the share of discounted articles and average discount for the Mass-Market, while the premium segment experienced the opposite. • The premium market most heavily discounted categories like sweatshirts and denim. • Mass-market fashion retailers came into […]

Jacquemus: How the Fashion House Out Shadows the Luxury Industry

Key Takeaways •  Jacquemus brand offers luxury fashion at a premium price, with a high focus on clothes rather than accessories • Natural fabrics, as part of his brand heritage, is essential for Simon Porte Jacquemus. Still, the brand does not label itself as sustainable. • Size inclusivity and romantic colors are what stand out […]

Masstige vs Premium brands: What is the Real Difference?

Key Takeaways:  • Premium brands and masstige brands are not that different in terms of assortment. Outerwear is the only category that is more represented in premium fashion as compared to masstige. • Pricing is one of the key differences with premium prices being on average four times more expensive than masstige. • Premium brands […]

Boohoo Clothing: the Big Player of Digital Fast Fashion Era

Key takeaways :  • Boohoo clothing is a digital fast-fashion player that puts a lot of importance on size inclusivity and has more than 13% of its women’s assortment dedicated to Boohoo plus sizes. • Boohoo has several new arrivals that exceed the thousands per week and accounts for almost 5 times more products and […]

One-Piece vs Bikini swimwear: What is the current trend?

Key Takeaways • Comfort in bikini is key compared to one-piece for swimwear, and Retviews data shows that there is an increase in terms of wireless bikini tops. • Prices have decreased in the swimsuit category compared to last year. • The trendiest colors, such as purple, are the most discounted and out-of-stock ones.   […]

The State of Sustainable Fashion: What is the Reality Behind the Eco Collections?

• The share of eco collections among mass-market’s fashion clothing is not substantial for most retailers. H&M has almost 10% of its collection dedicated to its conscious collection, while Zara has 14% of its collection dedicated to its Join Life sustainable initiative. • According to Retviews data, the most commonly used fabrics for both regular […]

Zara’s Owner: What Makes The Spanish Fashion Group Different?

• Category mix: Does it reveal the targeting strategy of the Inditex brands? • Price positioning: where does Zara stand compared with its sister brands? • Is Zara cheaper in Spain compared with other countries? • Time-to-market: The Secret of Zara’s Success • Sportswear: which brand has the assortment within the Inditex group? ⠀  WHO IS INDITEX FASHION […]

Brands’ Survival Strategies in a Time of Crisis: Discounts & Bestsellers

• Different discount strategies: which one had the best results?  • Garments’ categories: which one influenced the selling?    During the COVID-19 pandemic, have you ever wondered what your competitors are up to? There is an easy way to find out with RETVIEWS. As one can expect, Fashion retailers took various merchandising actions during this […]

COVID-19 : Daily News for Fashion Executives

During the crisis, RETVIEWS provides fashion brands with daily updates on the consequences of Coronavirus for their business. Every day, you will find updates on Impacts on the Fashion Industry, Marketing & Communication Actions and Commercial Actions.     Wednesday 20th May Reopenings for stores but will retailers be able to catch up the losses? […]

COVID-19: Have Fashion Brands Modified Their Strategy?

• COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have impacts on the Fashion Industry • Online shopping will be able to cope with the brick and mortar closures • Now more than ever, retailers will have to be more creative and proactive in this period of uncertainty   THE CURRENT SITUATION OF THE PANDEMIC The fashion industry has […]

Uniqlo Strategy – The Differences with Competitors H&M and Zara

After a great success in its home country – Japan, Uniqlo quickly adapted its strategy to expand worldwide. Being the third-largest retailer in the world requires a particular strategy. « From Tokyo to the world »… How will Uniqlo become the first largest retailer by 2020? Using RETVIEWS, we analyzed Uniqlo’s strategy to understand what makes this […]

New Season 2019: Zara and H&M Bestsellers

These days, customers are more demanding than ever. They know what they want and flooding them with hit-or-miss collections is no longer a good strategy. Retailers have to understand their customers and constantly analyze the market in order to make the best choices. RETVIEWS allows retailers to get an insight into the fashion industry. The […]

Polyester Fiber – The Impact of Fashion Brands on Ocean Pollution

Every time you wash your clothes, your washing machine releases plastic microfibers into the ocean. This is because fashion brands use synthetic materials such as polyester fiber that are cheap and known for being stretchy and providing garments with breathability. So, which fashion brands use a lot of these plastic materials? Using RETVIEWS, we looked […]

The future of Retviews after Lectra acquisition

Lectra announces the signing of an agreement with the shareholders of the Belgium company Retviews to acquire 100% of capital and voting rights. Founded in 2017, Retviews has developed an innovative technology that enables fashion brands to analyze their competitors’ assortments in real-time to increase sales and margins. Today, more than 30 brands use Retviews […]