Mango Winning Strategy

Key Takeaways •  Mango strategy is to focus on Accessories and Jeans, with a stronger assortment share in those categories compared with competitors Zara and H&M •  Mango communicates more and more on its sustainable collection. What is behind sustainable fashion for Mango?  • Besides what one’s may think, Mango’s pricing strategy is closer to […]

Nike vs. Adidas : Are Performance Shoes More Expensive than Lifestyle ones?

In the activewear space, the fierce battle Nike vs. Adidas is on everyone’s lips. On the one side, the American giant Nike and, on the other side,  historic German brand Adidas combined generate more than 35% of the activewear industry’s total revenue.  Vanguards in the activewear arena, the two companies’ contributions to the forecasted $547 […]

Kidswear: All You Need to Know to Stay Competitive

Key Takeaways • Kidswear focuses more on girls’ fashion than on boys’ — regardless of age bracket. • Retailers offer more sustainable fashion options for children than they do for adults. • Boys’ clothing is more affordable than girls’, and the most-frequent price for girls’ clothing sometimes approaches the most-frequent price for women’s clothes.    […]

Sustainable Fashion: First Quarter 2021 snapshot

Key Takeaways • Sustainable fashion has been less of a focus for Zara in the first quarter of 2021 compared with 2020. However, both H&M and Mango have increased their share of sustainable fashion collections. • Sustainable dresses are less hot this quarter than blouses and shirts. Sustainable denim, on the other hand, is gaining […]

Gucci’s Strategy: What Does it Take to Be #1 Hottest Brand?

Key Takeaways   • Gucci’s strategy to be the hottest brand is to promote inclusivity: appealing to everyone, rather than a specific gender. To that end, the Italian luxury house offers its customers more ready-to-wear to best capitalize on fashion trends. • Gucci balances its assortment by dividing its offerings: 40% trend-oriented articles and 60% […]

End-of-Season Sales 2021: Overview per Country

Key takeaways:  • End-of-season sales 2021 strategies are the reflections of agilities from the retailer’s side • France’s strategy was to decrease the share of discounted reference while increasing the average discount rate, offering more incentive to buy to its consumers • Italy’s end-of-season sales strategy was the opposite of France, favoring more diversity in […]

Victoria’s Secret vs. Competitors : How Can The Brand Regain its Splendour?

Key Takeaways: • Victoria’s Secret competitors have drastically fewer articles than the American brand. With struggling inventories, Victoria’s Secret number of articles should soon decrease drastically. • While Victoria’s Secret Competitors embrace size inclusivity, the American brand has yet to follow the movement. Victoria’s Secret assortment still offers little XXS and XXL sizes compared to other […]

Is Valentine’s Day fashion going to be HOT this year?

Key Takeaways: • New arrivals for Valentine’s Day Fashion lean more toward home-wear and pajamas than a fancy bra and underwear sets. • Sexy looks are still hot, but the main focus is on comfort — more so than last year. • This Valentine’s Day, black — rather than the traditional red — is the […]

Activewear: is it going to thrive in 2021?

Key Takeaways • A slate of new players entered the activewear market in 2020. Even apparel brands like Mango and & Other Stories are betting on this hot market segment.  • New arrivals to the activewear scene saw more significant growth in that segment than in their general collections, demonstrating the ongoing trend’s power.  • […]

Zara Home Strategy: How to Compete against Home Decor Brands

Key Takeaways • Zara Home’s strategy starts with focusing more on the Home Textile department. The category is relatively underrepresented in competing brands so that Zara Home can leverage synergies with their apparel line. • Zara Home follows a traditional fashion calendar, unlike other native furniture brands. • Zara Home’s strategy uses a low level […]

Three Tips to a Successful Fashion Business Strategy in 2021

Key Takeaways •  For a successful fashion business strategy,  retailers will have to focus on products that are selling well. 2021 is the best opportunity to curate retailers’ assortment. •  Be cost-efficient by knowing what and when to sell. Timing has always been crucial in the fashion industry, and even more in a context of […]

When The Luxury Industry Meets Streetwear: Balenciaga Retail Strategy

Key Takeaways • Balenciaga’s assortment shows that the “less is more” ethos is in full effect for the fashion house. The French brand carries three times fewer articles than its competitors. • Balenciaga’s footwear category holds a higher importance for the company than footwear does for its competitors. The fashion house allocates 18% of its […]

Overshirt: why is it the Best Winter Jacket for this Season?

Key Takeaways • The overshirt is the best winter jacket. It shapes up to be the must-have piece of the FW 2020 season. Retailers are ahead of the game, devoting more attention and shelf space to the casual shirt-jacket combination. • There wasn’t much change in the number of outdoor-article offerings between 2019 and 2020. […]

Zara Lingerie: is it a good Strategy?

Key Takeaways • Zara lingerie collection puts a lot more attention on nightgowns as compared to its competitors. • The number one retailer in the world proved once again that timing is essential. Indeed, Zara launched its first lingerie collection when nobody focused on this segment, standing out from its competitors. • More premium fabrics […]

Decathlon: How the Sports Retailer Stands Out from its Competitors

Key Takeaways • Decathlon competitors‘ strategies are a lot different than the French brand. Its goal is to offer sportswear to everyone. To achieve that, the French brand has a broad portfolio of more than 40 brands. •  Part of Decathlon’s strategy is to focus its offering on its brands solely. However, recently, an increase is […]