Retviews Fashion Trend Alert: Dresses are Back!

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  • 23 April 2021
Retviews Fashion Trend Alert: Dresses are Back!

Key Takeaways

• Fashion trend of the season: Dresses are back! Whether you’re looking for a smart-casual style or want a fresh look post-COVID, dresses are coming on strong!

Midi-dresses are the new basic: They’re perfect to jump from e-meeting to drinks al fresco. People are looking for versatility and comfort, and fashion brands like H&M and Zara got the message.

Pink dresses are back, and the ’90s-2000s vibes are the clear trend now. For a softer look, emerald green and teal are great alternatives.


Spring is making its way across Europe, and with it, a bright ray of hope with COVID-19 vaccinations. Will the virus be behind us soon? Only time will tell. 

Fashion retailers are getting a jump on spring and looking to infuse a sense of freshness and renewal into our gloomy pandemic wardrobes. What are the hottest article categories this April? 



Dresses are Back! Bye-bye sweatpants? 

April’s new arrivals feature a strong showing of dresses, as well as T-shirts, blouses, and shirts. Though dresses didn’t take the center stage last year due to the worldwide lockdown effects and people not necessarily wanting to wear tight dresses at home, 2021 is shaping up to be different. The fashion trend to got for is in dresses.



Indeed, dresses are the number-one category in terms of volume and share of new arrivals this April, leading the way toward summer. It seems like fashion retailers are anticipating that women will be looking to renew their wardrobes as temperatures heat up.

Nevertheless, blouses and shirts are still in the top three, demonstrating that despite the vaccination programs running strong everywhere in Europe, work-from-home styles are still important. 



The versatility of Midi-Dresses Sparks Interest

Based on info out of France, Italy, and Germany, it appears that retailers’ fashion trends are highlighting midi-dresses this year. Market results show a major focus on midi-dresses compared with the traditional “short cute.” This trend is led by major fashion brands like Zara and H&M.



One possible reason behind the midi-dress trend might be that they make a nice compromise between working from home — which is still the norm almost everywhere in Europe — and going out for al fresco evening a happy hour after work. 


Moreover, aesthetic-wise, the midi-dress encourages a feeling of freedom and romance — it lends itself toward taking a nice stroll or socializing in the park.



Vibrant Pink and Emerald Green Set the Scene

When it comes to clothes, black and blue still reign supreme — and dresses are no exception. However, if we look beyond those two dominant colors, white, pink, and green are the big stand-outs in terms of fashion trends.



White articles are starting to appear as we get closer to the “white party” season and as fashion retailers prepare for summer when white clothes are a must-have.


But pink and green are the big winners in April. In terms of tones and shades, fashion retailers are betting on strong hues like Barbie pink and Fuschia. On the green team, emerald is back — as well as teal — creating a fresh spring vibe.



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