New Season 2019: Zara and H&M Bestsellers

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  • 30 September 2019
New Season 2019: Zara and H&M Bestsellers

These days, customers are more demanding than ever. They know what they want and flooding them with hit-or-miss collections is no longer a good strategy. Retailers have to understand their customers and constantly analyze the market in order to make the best choices.

RETVIEWS allows retailers to get an insight into the fashion industry. The data it provides is a key element in creating the perfect combination of ranges and pricing strategy. Using RETVIEWS’ data, we have analyzed the bestseller clothing items that retailers should add to their collections for this fall.



This season, fabrics like organza, chiffon and tulle are extremely popular. The best performing combination is to add these sheer fabrics to a dress or a blouse.

RETVIEWS makes it clear what brands are focusing on. According to the data, Zara as a more urban and daring brand, has mainly applied the sheer trend to its blouses and shirts. Indeed, 45.7% of Zara’s new arrivals using sheer are dedicated to blouses and shirts. However, H&M has focused more on accessories with 73.7%.

H&M bestseller sheer dress



Polka dots are also here to stay, after being the hottest trend of summer 2019 (See 5 Biggest Trends in Swimwear Retail for 2019). Place this rich and timeless print on oversize, loose fit garments, for a comfy yet stylish effect.

RETVIEWS is able to provide all the data about an item, including its price history and its SKU history. This tells us if an item is a bestseller or not. This Zara polka dot maxi dress was available in 3 sizes and rapidly sold out. It was then re-stocked in one size and promptly sold out again within a day. This makes it, therefore, a bestseller.

Zara Polka Dress availability 


Dresses always represent a big part of a store’s range. This versatile category is perfect to play with. This fall, prints are big again, with special attention being paid to floral and animal print. Oversize maxi dresses will be the best pick.

Since it is a significant category, it is important to choose the best price. Fortunately, with RETVIEWS data it is quick and easy to run checks on your competitors’ prices. When looking at fast-fashion leaders, it’s interesting to look at the price positioning of Mango.

fast fashion pricing

Even though Mango’s average price is higher, their most used price is lower than Zara’s. More than a quarter of their dresses are priced at €35.99, while Zara’s favourite price point is €39.95.



H&M has focused on neutral, warm skin tones to present their smart separates in a 90s’ minimalistic style. These pastel colors are very successful right now.

Pants are always the dominant component of bottom products and this period of the year is their time to shine. Mango is the brand that focuses the most on pants, with half of their bottom products consisting of pants, while Zara offers a large proportion of jeans compared to other brands.

graph bottoms assortment mix 


Blouses and shirts gather together all the trends present in the other categories : prints, pastel hues, sheer materials… This category if also great for the customers to play with. Some customers might not dare to go for a full leopard print dress, but they might feel like they could pair a leopard print shirt with a more basic item.


This timeline created using RETVIEWS compares the rate of newness for blouses and shirts for H&M and Zara. Each bar represents the number of new items dropped each week. And the numbers speak for themselves. Zara has consistently dropped more products than H&M over the last few months.



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