Is Valentine’s Day fashion going to be HOT this year?

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  • 5 February 2021
Is Valentine’s Day fashion going to be HOT this year?

Key Takeaways:

New arrivals for Valentine’s Day Fashion lean more toward home-wear and pajamas than a fancy bra and underwear sets.

Sexy looks are still hot, but the main focus is on comfort — more so than last year.

This Valentine’s Day, black — rather than the traditional red — is the trendy color setting hearts aflame.


Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. It’s the perfect occasion for couples (and potential partners!) to put their passions on display. Sweet chocolates, sassy and sexy lingerie, and a night out at a romantic date spot were traditional ways of celebrating this time-honored holiday.

Then Covid-19 came along.

This year, Valentine’s Day spending is expected to fall 20%, according to National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics. What are the lingerie brands offering to their customers to celebrate the season of love? Is Valentine’s Day fashion going to be HOT this year? 



Home-wear and pajama tops are hot arrivals.

The lingerie industry is taking a sharp turn toward all things comfortable this year, a change we can see clearly with the new-arrival assortment of 2021. We’re spending more time at home, snuggled up in our “cozies,” and retailers are adjusting accordingly.

Also, it’s no surprise that underwear and bras are in the top spots when it comes to giftable Valentine’s clothing. However, bras are less of a focus this year compared with 2020. 


Is Valentine's Day going to be HOT this Year?


Moreover, pajamas tops, accessories — such as warm, fuzzy socks — and home-wear are the big winners of Valentine’s Day fashion 2021. Home-wear increased by more than 200% compared with the 2020 assortment.



Then, we can also see how lingerie brands have adapted to the changes by looking at swimwear. Because international travel is still prohibited in most countries, swimwear has shrunk to a smaller share. Last year’s swimwear new arrivals accounted for 16% of the assortment during Valentine’s Day fashion season but dropped to only 4,4% this year.


Sexy vs. comfortable undies

Lingerie brands have invested more in sexy than in comfort for both underwear and bras this year. The share of sexier articles — those pairs with lace trim, soft fabrics, and delicate details —  is higher in the new-arrivals assortment for both categories.


Is Valentine's Day going to be HOT this Year?


However, Retviews data show that comfortable and seamless underwear is gaining more assortment share in 2021. We see that even though it’s Valentine’s Day, retailers prefer to invest in products that sell all year long — and give consumers what they’re looking for right now: comfy, cozy garments that make staying home a bit more enjoyable.


Is Valentine's Day going to be HOT this Year?


Also, wireless bras show up less this year in the new arrivals than last year, and underwire bras with lots of lace detail are among the new-ins for Valentine’s day fashion. Is this because regular underwire bras (with supportive underwire) continue to be perceived as “sexier” than wire-free bralettes?



Black is the ultimate in sexy this year.

Whether we look at new arrivals in lingerie and underwear or all categories overall, the big winner is the color black. The “maître-mot” seems to be sexy-but-classy for lingerie and safe, neutral colors for the rest of the assortment.  


Is Valentine's Day going to be HOT this Year?


Therefore, the ongoing pandemic has compelled retailers to create versatile garments that consumers can wear in multiple ways, and it’s no different for the lingerie industry. Multi-purpose articles that wearable for everyday life and on special occasions seem to be the new normal.



Sexy is less of a focus. 

Valentine’s Day fashion 2021 is going to be an unprecedented holiday. As the pandemic’s impact on our social lives continues into the new year, retailers understand the importance of investing in what customers are looking for: comfort and style at home. 

Don’t worry — sexy lingerie is still available; it’s just a less-prominent part of the assortment this year. Whether consumers decide to cuddle up and cocoon at home or try to make it a sexy-sensual evening, lingerie brands are ready to respond to their customers’ changing needs. 

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