About us

We are a rapidly growing company focusing on helping our customers to make better decisions using data analytics. An incredible team made of data scientists and fashion experts entirely dedicated to the success of your company. 

  • Loic Winckelmans

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Lorenzo Pellizzari

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • Claire Lewis

    Client Success Manager

  • Anne-Gaëlle Le Besnerais

    Marketing Manager

  • Arnaud Melin

    Lead Data Scientist

  • Wim Hermans

    Lead Data Engineer

  • Thomas Vanderborght

    Sales Manager

  • Ben Dumoulin

    Data Scientist

  • Alexandru Lachescu

    Lead Software Engineer

  • Roxana Gheorghe

    Retail Fashion Product Specialist

  • Loredana Florea

    Product Specialist

  • Liana-Alexandra Rebegila

    Data & Infrastructure Engineer

  • Andreea Georgiana Cheregi

    Data Quality Lead

  • Adina-Marilena Drajgu

    Data Analyst

  • Cynthia Belda Quesada

    Head of Client Success

  • Hleb Bandarenka

    Marketing Specialist

  • Jade de Wasseige

    Customer Success Manager

  • Sebastien De Spiegeleer

    Data Scientist

  • Quentin Wallemacq

    Data Scientist

  • Amaury Lekens

    Data Scientist

  • Eduard Nicolescu

    Lead angular developer

  • Alexandru Bucurie

    Software Engineer

  • Cristina Cojocaru

    Software Engineer

  • Maria Tufan

    Product Specialist

  • Ramona Lonescu

    Product Specialist

  • Vlad Ciobotea

    Software Engineer

  • Vlad Obogeanu

    Software Engineer

  • Amaury Lekens

    Data scientist

  • Alexandra Bolovan

    Software Engineer

  • Michael Lemner

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Maximilien Abadie

    Chief Strategy Officer

We’re committed to changing retail, and the only way to do that is with a brilliant, inspiring team. We’re looking for great people to join us.