Fall-Winter Fashion Hot Colours

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  • 5 October 2018
Fall-Winter Fashion Hot Colours

From Balenciaga to Victoria Beckham, H&M to Mojito! Let’s explore what catwalks as well as more affordable brands have to offer this fall-winter fashion season.

Animal print is in

And no, not in that ‘animal print is trashy’ kind of way. Designers are putting a new spin on this time tested pattern. But, there are a few quick tips you should keep in mind before heading out the door.

  1. Keep it simple! As always, animal print has a lot going on, so fall outfits for women need to be dumbed down when sporting a leopard or zebra print. A leopard print coat will create a statement so make sure the rest of your outfit doesn’t compete with it.
  2. Wear flats! You heard it right ladies, high fashion is calling it. And the keyword is ‘flats’.
  3. Black is back! Black complements a busy pattern, always. If you’re looking to keep it simple but still look classy, that little black dress, an all-black pantsuit, or even your black leggings can go a long way.
  4. Accessorise! Add a dash of colour to complete the fashion look. Red is always hot so a pair of big, long earrings will give the extra oomph without going overboard.

Top to bottom modesty dressing

Designers have long explored every type of outfit which could complement a woman’s body. From high neck-lines to short hemlines, most everything has been done. More designers are looking at comfort as the number one factor in creating their fashion collections. Still, this fall-winter fashion hot colours augment these modest outfits.

The high fashion colours you wear affect your mood

It’s long been known that colours affect the way we feel. And this colour psychology extends to what we wear. This cold season we’re seeing a lot of reds and greens, blues, tones of grey and brown. When you choose your fashion outfit for the day, make sure it’s in line with how you’re feeling. Better yet, choose the outfit based on how you would want to feel.

Red is hot and always will be

Red is the colour of strength and passion. And while it can also be perceived as aggressive, red in fashion is reminiscent of masculinity and the power that brings with it.

Valentino is all over the place with shades of blue and green this season. But what really stand out are the yummy reds he’s exposing on his runways.

Blue and yellow

Donatella Versace is hot with checks. Seeing as blues and yellows complement each other it makes a striking statement on the catwalks this fall.

Blue is intellectual and essentially soothing. Pair that up with the emotional charge that yellow brings and you have a recipe for uplifting your self-esteem.

Warm versus cool

Balenciaga is all over the map this season. The designer uses earth tones together with bold colours to create a unified show for men and women alike. While black is the base, yellow, pink, and animal print fit together nicely to form edgy urban wear outfits.

This brings us to pink. An off red colour, pink soothes. It speaks of femininity, pure love and of course, sexuality. At the other end of the colour spectrum lives brown. Brown is a colour that needs other colours in order to stand out. If you’re a lover of this earthy tone, follow the catwalk trends and pair those brown pants with a hot lemon yellow. This opposites-attract, ready-to-wear fashion collection will dazzle the eyes and delight the mind.

Just because winter is in doesn’t mean florals are out

On the flip side, Vogue Italia’s website presents the H&M fall-winter fashion collection in all its floral glory. Dark base colours and bright flower patterns create a feeling of mystery and longing for the passing warm season. Never fear, animal print is present for both men and women’s fall outfits.

This is it for now! But, fashion never sleeps. Designers put in a lot of work hours for  us to look and feel good in the clothes we wear.

This list is not at all exhaustive and we look forward to bringing you more fall-winter fashion news for this cool season. Stay tuned and don’t forget to get involved!

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