Fashion Analytics on Competitive Brands

Track the market and create the perfect assortment, at the right price

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Get access to strategic data on the fashion market

  • Increase margins

    Set the right price for each product

  • Monitor new-ins

    Track new products on the market

  • Optimize discounts

    Do not leave money on the table

  • Color panels

    Identify market’s trendiest colors

  • Find bestsellers

    Create the right assortments mix

  • Pattern panels

    Spot popular patterns across collections

Mastering Fashion Data is in our DNA

Retviews provides fashion companies with state-of-the-art technologies to react faster. Get strategic data on any fashion brand, anywhere in the world.

  • Retviews helps me spot assortment discrepancies and manage stocks. It helps me reduce unsold items and enter market opportunities.

    Mélanie Loquet
    Product Manager

  • Retviews is the solution that truly leverages big data to build value in the way fashion retailers operate in building their assortments.

    Lenin Jean Romo Once
    Strategic Business Analyst - Ralph Lauren

  • Accessing Retviews' insights helps traditional brands to compete against big market places in terms of data-driven operations.

    Frederic Vitre
    CEO - Bellerose

  • Market reporting has been complicate, often time consuming and limited in scope for fashion retailers. Retviews brings a fresh, easy to use and up-to-date approach on market reporting, in your home market as well as internationally.

    Dr. Richard Federowski
    Partner - Roland Berger GmbH

  • Retviews is a fantastic way to keep track of trends taking place in the fashion industry. While fashion is becoming increasingly fast-moving, Retviews keeps you rigth on track, every day of the year.

    Edouard Keller
    Head of International Sales - Carlin Creative Trend Bureau

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